Lyrics and Notes

Welcome to Lyrics and Notes .  This is a starting place.  I will link song lyric pages, each separately, so that they are easy to find and the page does not get too cluttered with all of my lyrics on one page. To the reader, they may be seen as poetry.  To me, they are all songs, and all of them were written with a melody in mind.  I hear them as I write them, so I cannot read them without the melody playing in my head.  All they need is someone to sing them.  Please contact me by e-mail if you are interested.

Love at First Sight

You’re My Best Friend

Why I Cry

Why She Cries

He Looked At Her Funny

Just Keep On Smiling


How Much Time?

It Should Have Been, But It Wasn’t

Will You Promise Me Forever?


You’d Better Watch Out For The Girls From St. Rose

Hard on My Head

Blind Spot

The Wild Cape Breton Rose

Heart On My Sleeve

What Is It Worth?

Tomorrow I’ll Be Fine

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