Why I Cry and Why She Cries

Why write two versions of the same song?  Well, in this case, I wanted to expand the possibilities.  What if the person singing does not want the song to be about themselves?  Then it would get skipped as an option for a potential collaboration with a variety of musicians.  I do not know if this is a thing or not.  I do think it is a unique editing exercise, that may or may not apply to other songs.  I don’t think it can be done with all songs, but I would do this again if I had the right lyrics to work with.  I am satisfied with both versions of this song, and how they turned out.

If you want to see them without having to look too far, I am linking them both below.

Is this a thing?  Does it happen in songwriting courses?  I am curious to know if anyone else has successfully done this or wanted to.

Why I Cry

Why She Cries

2 thoughts on “Why I Cry and Why She Cries

    • Tish MacWebber says:

      Thanks. There are times when I am not sure about something, and I keep thinking and working on it. When things work out, like Why She Cries as I wrote Why I Cry first, I was very happy with the final draft of the new one as I was with the original.

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