It was so exciting reading all the entries for our first Flash Friday! I wanted to thank everyone who submitted. I laughed and I cried, but one entry really stood out. Our winner is Megan Johnson, …

Source: Grey

One thought on “Grey

  1. tishwebberwow says:

    I did not win. This is my story.

    Gloomy Moo-sings (Gloomy Musings)
    Beans. I loved that boy, and he just traded me for a handful of beans. I have a new owner. I am alone in a field, and there are no other cows here. I miss Jack.
    I thought he was my friend. We used to hang out together. Go for walks, and he made good use of my milk. I hope it goes sour before he can drink it.
    What am I supposed to do now? Make a new friend, only to be traded for something worse? I have lived with Jack and his mother my whole life. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know what to think about this.
    Except that I am mad. Mad cow. Great, if that gets out I’ll be a goner for sure. I should have eaten those beans. Then Jack would have taken me home. But I didn’t, and now I live here. With what’s his face that apparently grows magic beans.
    Magic beans. I can’t believe he fell for that. I mean who believes that beans are magic? Even I knew that it was a lie. But if I had eaten them, would they have made me a magic cow? Now that would have been something. I would have been worth more to Jack and his mother if I had turned out to be a magic cow. Maybe they would have helped me make chocolate milk. “Snort.” Chocolate milk. As if that was even a thing.
    Well, the evil fog is rolling in behind me. Time to go find the barn wherever that is, and see about some hay and water. I don’t want to wait too long, if the evil fog is too thick I will get lost for sure. The headline will read, “Missing one mad cow. Definitely not magic. Reward one glass of milk, and it won’t be chocolate.”
    I guess I didn’t know Jack.


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