Meet the authors ~ Under the Mists edition

I am proud to be included in this group of talented authors. If you are looking for a dark faery anthology, read on, and celebrate with us on Friday July 26th, 2019, when it will be available for purchase on Amazon!

Fae Corps Inc

First story is by Tish MacWebber.

Such a sweet author… So she wrote a story titled Sweet Nothings. Cupcakes, spiders and fae… And so much more!

Tish Mac Webber’s writing is her purpose, creativity is her passion, and jewellery designing is her pleasure.
She is the author who is Always Thinking… the jewellery designer who is Always Blinging…and her superpower is always being full of surprises!

#Tishspiration, her latest creation, is defined as the art of surprising yourself. She is inspired by the ocean, especially where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the beaches of Cape Breton Island, where her own story began.

Tish MacWebber, Always Blinging… her jewellery designing hobby is the latest addition to her website. Her speciality is creating one of a kind, custom designs for her clients. She loves to delight her customers with her interpretations of what they order, staying true to her gifts of being full…

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