Weekend Warrior # 44


Weekend Warrior

Merry Christmas Weekend Warrior Readers! I am writing a day late as I am off today, and Christmas day just happens to be on a Monday this year. Which means New Year’s Day will also be on a Monday. That means 2 three day weekends, and 2 four day work weeks. Yahoo!

Friday night was spent shopping for coffee, and liquor. My husband wanted a bottle for Christmas, and I got him what he wanted. I also bought 2 bottles of wine (1 a week is my usual wine shopping plan) and I wanted a little something extra.  I looked really hard at the Writers Tears Irish Whiskey bottles. There are three kinds, a Writers Tears Copper Pot, a Writers Tears Red Head, and a Writers Tears Cask Strength. I have tried the Copper Pot, and it was very good. I want to try the Red Head next, as the expert at the store recommended it as his favourite. When I am a Best Selling Author, maybe then I can splurge to try the Cask Strength. It is the most expensive of the trio.

I bought a new to me kind of wine. I had never heard about Cabernet Franc. I purchased two bottles, and they were $13 and $30 respectively. The less expensive bottle was enjoyed last night, and it was good. I am curious to see if the more expensive bottle is a different quality or not. I will be making a Facebook live video when I try new wines now, as something I am learning about as I try to find THE ONE. At that time, I will make my own in that same style. Roy said I wouldn’t be able to keep doing my videos and reviews if I did that. I enlightened him. I will then switch to white wine. 😉  Champagne will have to wait for me to be able to afford it. But there are always options.

This morning I decided that it would also be fun to do Facebook Live video reviews of the different coffees I try. I love coffee too, so why not? People seem to like these ideas so I will start with the one I bought on sale Friday night. Jingle Java. It sounds like fun!

Saturday we did a bit of grocery shopping after I joined some friends for a breakfast at Houlie’s. It was a ladies breakfast, and it was nice. I then joined one of the ladies for a trip to the mall. I went for the walk. She had a few things to get, and I had fun hanging out and commenting on the fun things we saw. I rarely go to the mall anymore, and it was fun to just go hang out at the mall. It is not something that I did as a teenager, like a lot of you would have done. It was an hour drive each way to go to the smaller mall of the two cities I had a choice between in Cape Breton, growing up, so it wasn’t a regular thing we were able to do.

Saturday was also the day to get groceries. In the two different stores we went to this weekend, they were sold out of turkeys. (I had to think of how to spell that one, -ies or -ys) By the time we finished, the weather had turned a little nasty. Freezing rain is not pleasant to walk or drive in.

Sunday involved a quick run out to the store for a few missed items, and that was all we did. I watched some tv and movies. I had my wine. It was a nice relaxing day.

Today is my bonus day off this week. I am going to make some veggies to go with the chicken I cooked last night, and get the kitchen back into working order. I cook, the food is great, I don’t like cleaning it up.

I dressed up and played with makeup again. You should expect a second Makeup Monday story soon. It may not be long, but it will have makeup and a pic of me in my new dress as well. 🙂 Merry Christmas, and keep on winning the weekends, folks. You make the best use of your time, and you will win them all, too!

What did you do this weekend?


Weekend Warrior # 34


Weekend Warrior

As another weekend comes to a close, I am going to spend a few moments with a quick summary for you.  I had the Lobster and Gouda Grilled Cheese with the crock of Lobster Poutine in good company at Claudine’s Eatery Friday evening.  We had family visiting this past weekend, and it was very nice to spend time together.

Saturday started slowly with a visit to Sweet Belgian Desire for a late brunch.  I had the Omelet Florentine with a side Greek salad and coffee.  It was delicious and on plan.  We then ran a few errands, and I bought a stability ball.  I will let you know how I make out with that purchase once it is assembled and I get a chance to try it out.

We then had a BBQ Saturday evening.  My guests were quite happily entertained with 2 back to back live stream concerts from home.  I also enjoyed watching them.  The Celtic Colours International Festival is well known for the music and concerts held yearly in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.  If you love traditional Cape Breton music and want to experience it firsthand, I highly recommend planning a trip to see some of the shows live.  If you can’t be there in person, like us, they pick one concert per night of the Festival and live stream it online.  They don’t reveal which one until the day of the broadcast.  It is available for 24 hours after the live stream is ended.  I started the Friday show and the Grand Finale was able to be watched also last night.  I am glad we found it, it was a pleasant way to spend time together.  I am able to use the tv and stereo for my computer, so it was a full-sized concert with surround sound that we watched from my living room.  It is nice to be able to watch events like that on my TV with excellent sound quality.

This morning started with coffee and tea at my kitchen table.  My family left for the next visit after that.  It wasn’t a rushed morning.  Roy and I watched a couple of TV shows together, and then we went to get a few groceries.  After this, I took a nap.  Sometimes, Sunday afternoon is meant for taking a nap.  Today was one of those days.  When I woke up, a friend had delivered some coffee K-cups for my Keurig.  I will gladly add them to my stash, and enjoy them.  We then went out to supper. I was craving Chinese food.  Since we were planning to go to Oromocto for Kingsman: The Golden Circle to see it in the early show, we chose to eat supper at Diamond House Chinese Restaurant, also in Oromocto.  We had combos and enjoyed the meal.  We had to hurry for the movie, it had just started when we got there.  We met up with our friends, chatted a bit in the parking lot after, and came home.

We ate out more than usual this weekend.  However, it was not an ordinary weekend.  I am going to be cooking tomorrow as I am not going to make it to Zumba, and I have things that need to be made.  I have leftover tossed salad saved in 2 mason jars to help start the week’s lunches off in the right direction.  I still have my picnic lunch ingredients too.  All was not lost in the planning this weekend.  I can also say that the cleaning is progressing nicely.  The dishes are being kept up and I still have a lot of organizing to do.  I made progress throughout the week like I needed to do.  The trick will be to start back at it right away this week.  Today, I needed to rest for the upcoming week.  And that is a wrap for this week.  I think I won again. 🙂

Road Trip: Nova Scotia April 2017

Road Trip- Nova Scotia April 2017

At the end of April, we went on a road trip.  We crossed the border from New Brunswick into Nova Scotia.  The plan was to visit with family.  When we finally had the car packed, and hit the road, I decided to take some pics along the way, and write a story about our trip.  We hadn’t gone on a road trip in a little more than 2 years, and I had gone long past the get out of the city stage.  I managed very well in those 2 years, but I enjoy travelling to see friends and family, whenever I can.

We stopped for gas just outside of Fredericton, where we live.  Snacks are necessary for road trips, as well as beverages.  A pit stop is also necessary before any road trip.  While there, I took a pic of the giant sized road sign of a familiar sight in the area.


Moose Warning Sign. A full grown moose can total a car. It is best to avoid them if seen on the road. The trick is to see them before they cause an accident. Hence the signs.

This gave me an idea.  I would take pictures in the car as we travelled.  It is a harder thing to do than you think it is.  I was a passenger, but our trip was filled with highway driving, and a lot of missed opportunities were not able to be captured by my camera as we drove along.

I decided that I would focus on the different signs along the road, to document where we were going, and provide pics for the story.  We didn’t slow down for this.  Except for the last pic, which was a near miss itself.

We stopped in Moncton.  I wanted a coffee.  We got one here.

For a great cup of coffee in Moncton, we stopped in here.

We then drove until we crossed the border.  The first part of our trip was to make it to Nova Scotia.

At the Nova Scotia Border

Welcome to Nova Scotia, photobombed by me!

Before the NS border, there is an unusual warning sign.

Nova Scotia Border Sign about Honeybees

Honeybee Warning Sign. I wonder if they can check all the flybys?

Can you imagine bees flying to an office to check and see if they have the proper documentation to enter Nova Scotia?  They would need Bee-cases!

We were going to Truro, first.  It is between 3 and 4 hours to drive from Fredericton to Truro.  We had dinner with family and friends, and we all went back to swim in the hotel pool.  The pool was COLD.  The Hot Tub was WARM.  It tired us all out.

We spent the next morning with our friends.  We then saw our family again and spent the afternoon playing Munchkin the Board Game.  We played twice, and I had so much fun, I forgot to take any pictures of the game.  We had a potluck supper, I had made a Greek Pasta Salad with Chicken before we left Friday, and had it on ice or in fridges the whole time.  Everybody liked it, and we had some before on the road trip…with my cup of coffee in Moncton, actually, and had some left over that we took with us.  We hit the road again after supper.

Then we were off to  Dartmouth Crossing, an hour past Truro.  We checked into our second hotel room that weekend.  I was too tired to go swimming again, so we watched TV and went to sleep.  The next morning we had to get ready for a busy day.  We were going to see my husband’s Grandmother who is 108 years old!  She will be 109 in July.  She still lives in her own apartment, in the same building as Roy’s father.  We were all going to get together for lunch.

Restaurant where we had lunch with Nanny Webber, Roy's father, and his friend.

There are 2 signs here. The restaurant where we ate lunch at is to the far left of that building in the background, so the sign for it is here, and also a road sign near the place where Nanny Webber and her son, Roy’s father, Roland live. His friend Gloria lives there too, and she also joined us for lunch.


We met at Nanny Webber’s apartment, had a chat, and picked a place for lunch.  We moved the party.  We had lunch.  Two comical things I noticed.  Roy and Nanny Webber both ordered cheeseburger platters.  She didn’t eat all of her fries, as she told me sometimes she fills up too much on potatoes.  But she saw the lemon meringue pie, and wanted a piece, but not a full slice.  I told her Roy could eat the other half.  So they shared a slice of lemon meringue pie.  Another funny observation I made, neither one of them ate the meringue!

We then went back to the apartment, where I took this pic of the 3 Webbers together.


Roland, Florence, and Roy Webber, l-r

We then said our goodbyes, after promising to try to get back for her birthday in July.  We will try.

One last stop before we headed home was at a fish store.  Roy is setting up a new fish tank, a 75 gallon.  He has been working on making decorations, and there is a theme.  There will be a blog about that when he is finished.  He wanted to get some live plants.  It is a freshwater aquarium.  We got a few fish too.  All the plants and fish survived the five-hour drive to get home.  They are all thriving in their new home with us.

Fish Store

Neat little aquarium themed fish store

We drove home after we finished up our purchases at this store.  It was a straightforward drive, with a few snack stops.  One last sign I want to share with you if you are ever travelling in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia.  There are lots of signs like the moose sign I posted above.  The other kind warns of places where deer like to cross the road.

Deer Crossing Sign

Deer Crossing Sign

Before I finish, I talked about the giggles we had on this trip.  I missed so many good pics because the camera was off or it was too slow to focus.   We had a wonderful trip and looking back, I wouldn’t change much about the visits we had.  I also snapped this last photo out of the back window of the moving car.  It is of an Inukshuk, an Inuit symbol for others to know that they had been at that place. So someone had been there before, and now you know that we were there too.

Inukshuk in Nova Scotia

The Inukshuk pic, taken through the back window of our moving car.


I said it before in another post, but it is relevant to this post also. Hindsight is 20/20, eh?

Weekend Warrior #11


Weekend Warrior

Yesterday was busier than I had planned it to be.  Also, I was still fighting an almost week long migraine and was still not feeling so good yesterday.  So I took a nap in the middle of that busy day, and it ran longer than I had planned.  When you fall back to sleep on a Saturday after you woke up and turned off the alarm, obviously the nap was a necessary thing.

In the morning, I attended the #BUTTBLITZ2017.  You can read all about it here: Butt Picking in the Rain It was my third year volunteering at this event, and I stayed dry by working at the event table and running the numbers.

Insert lunch and a nap here.

Then I woke up to the phone ringing.  I had an invitation to join some friends to play Cards Against Humanity.  They have mixed in 4 booster decks and a Kinderperfect deck. Hilarity, Margarita Moments, and the consumption of adult beverages were just what I needed to kick the migraine out of my head.  I am glad I decided to join in for a night of fun!

Today, I must scramble to resume the kitchen to its shape of last weekend.  When the dishwasher is running, I will also be prep cooking.  That is probably going to fill up my Sunday.  I need to be ready for the upcoming week, and today is when I have the time, and more importantly, I feel like doing it.  Soon after I publish this story, I will be making something to eat and heading into my kitchen.  Coffee will be consumed with the meal.

I think it stopped raining!  That sentence has an exclamation point because there is a flood watch here this weekend.  It happens every year, and they were not expecting it to be too bad this year.  It is bad for some areas, there have been evacuations and roads are blocked also.  I am staying home today, and my house and street are still OK.  If I get a chance, I may go take some pictures of the flooded areas, but that will be another day and another story.

What are you up to this weekend?


Take The Time To Fill Your Own Coffee Cup


This past weekend, I wrote about facing my inner demons.  I fight with myself sometimes.  Nobody throws punches, and nobody gets hurt.  Except maybe my own ego.

I can get stuck in a pattern of doing nothing while having the best intentions of getting through a whole list of things that need to be done.  There are days when I literally talk myself out of getting anything done.  It is a nasty little place to be in, and it happens when things are bothering me, or in the winter.  I am less likely to have the energy to do more than the basics in the winter time, and that is sometimes left too long.  In this endless loop of getting nothing done, I can become overwhelmed by how much there IS to do, and that doesn’t help me at all.

Spring is here.  I feel the change in the weather, and in my spirit.  The blog has started me off in the right direction.  I am wanting to get things done, and I FEEL DIFFERENT about life right now.  I am trying new things, making small changes, and thinking about what I need to do to make the leap from blogging to writing a book.

A year ago I was recovering from an infection in my knee.  It was not a pleasant experience, I would never recommend a knee infection as something for anyone to do.  I was away from work for 3 months, and sat around that whole time, as I was told to not be moving around very much.  I had nurses visiting me in my home for IV antibiotics once a day for two or three weeks.  I was taught how to bandage the wound when the IV was over, and they stopped the home checks.  I longed for the day that I could have a shower without medical tape and shopping bags protecting the bandages from getting wet.  I was on some strong painkillers, for the first time ever, and I was scared that I might become addicted.  I did not.

Spring cleaning didn’t really happen last year.  So I am on a mission to get it done properly this year.  I am writing about it, and puttering at it, and making a little more progress in that kitchen every time I get in there. I have made a few inexpensive purchases to help me to get this project accomplished.  I see the progress, but I am not ready to share it yet.

I needed to stop and just take a breath last weekend.  That’s what the title means.  When you worry about everyone or everything else and don’t take time for yourself, you can empty your coffee pot before you get yourself a refill.  That is a mistake that can build into a disaster if it is not made a priority.

It’s not Ok to neglect your own needs in order to make sure that everyone else’s needs are taken care of first.  Sometimes, it is necessary to take care of others first.  However, if you don’t stop and take time for you, the coffee at the bottom of the pot is going to have a burnt taste, and it will not be a pleasant thing to drink.

Whatever it is in your life that allows you to feel refreshed and recharged is something that you need to always make time for.  If it is the 5 am cup of coffee before anyone else in your home is awake, get up and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee.  If it is taking a bath at the end of a long and tiring day, make time to fill the bathtub.  Read a book for a chapter a day, at the time you can schedule it in.  If you have dogs, they can help you take the time to yourself to think when you have to walk them anyway.

Or, at other times you need to be around other people.  Friends and family are important too.  Find people that are fun to be around, and bring you up, not down.  I am not saying that you should ignore all of your other friends, but when you need to feel good, surround yourself with people, things and activities that help you do just that.

When I think about where I was a year ago, I had no idea I was going to make a leap into becoming a blogger.  I was waiting to be told that I could start going back to Zumba classes.  I was learning about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, and trying new recipes.  I was already going through the motions of being back to work at my day job.  And I was miserable.

Now I have a blossoming new outlook for spring this year.  I will be working on my New Year’s Resolutions and branching out with what I am doing with my life.  I am chasing my dreams and making them into my reality.  One at a time.

Thank you for reading my 60th Blog Post.  Still having fun, and Always Thinking…


Trust Your Gut: Tish’s Story; Part 6


Trust Your Gut is a series of stories about real people with weight issues, and complications arising from those issues.  It will explain what the person is facing, what their options are, what they have decided to do to take action, and why they chose the path they are on.  Each person’s story will be based on truth, so it won’t all be happy, but it will be real.  The goal of this series is to get people talking about options that are available for people who have weight issues, on either end of the scale.  If you would like to contribute to this series, there is a contact form linked on my Home page for this blog.  I know there are people out there that want to help people like them; as I do.


The names here may or may not reflect the person’s real name.  If someone wants to remain unknown, we will choose a different name for that person’s story.  The goal is to help people, and anonymity is a valid personal choice for contributors.  I will use a person’s name only if they give permission to do so.

This week I am pleased to share another of my own stories.

Here is  Trust Your Gut: Tish’s Story; Part 6

When I first found out that I was a type 2 diabetic, I had experienced being at “goal weight” about 7 years before the diagnosis.  I successfully lost enough weight on the Weight Watchers program when I did it with my mom back in high school.  After that, I got sick and put on more weight than I had ever dealt with, and since then, I peaked at almost 320lbs.

I am hovering at the edge of “twoville” again, and really hoping that this is the year for me to find my way back to “onederland”.  Twoville is in the 200 lb range, and it starts at 299.99lbs.  Onederland is in the 100 lb range and starts at 199.99 lbs.  That would be an amazing accomplishment.  I can only imagine how that will feel, as it has been longer than a decade since I have weighed in at under 200 lbs.  I think it is a reasonable goal, for one year, and if I make it, fantastic, if not, I will keep fighting the good fight.  Because I believe I am worthy of living a healthier lifestyle, and I can do it if I just put in the effort.  A goal needs to be realistic, and if I put too much pressure on myself, I will fail and be crushed under the weight of that failure.

So I keep going to Zumba, twice a week.  I am preparing to start walking in my neighbourhood in the evenings.  That is also preparing for adopting a dog.  Part of the reason that I want to bring a dog home to live with me is because I know I will HAVE to go for walks more than once a day, EVERY day.  The dog will benefit from living in a loving home, and my health will have to benefit from all the walking.  It is a good plan, and I will have until next winter to prepare myself for walking in the snow and ice.  By then I will be in the habit of the daily walks, and I will be ready to tackle the bad weather walking as a healthier version of myself.

I am so looking forward to having a dog in my life again.  I have friends with dogs, and friends with cats.  I visit them when I can, but it’s not the same as having my own pet here all the time.  My house has been very quiet this winter, with no pitter patter of furry friends to come home to.  I needed time to mourn for my cats, and decided it was time to get a dog, in the spring.  We will be getting ready for that in the next couple of months, and when the right dog crosses our path, we will give it a furever home.

When I first found out I was pre-diabetic (there is no such thing, it is a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes; the doctors just break it to you gently by saying not yet, but really you are a type 2 diabetic).  I was told that I would have a chance of not needing medication for it if I removed sugar from my diet, and ate according to Canada’s Food Guide.  I tried.  I failed.  I was so tired all of the time.  I was drinking up to 2 litres of cola a day for the caffeine because I was so tired all the time.  The sugar was making me tired, so the caffeine was not keeping me awake.  I began drinking more cola for more caffeine, and it never worked for very long.  I know now what I was doing wrong.  Then I switched to diet pop.  Aspartame is something I have removed from my life since then.  I now choose stevia and erythritol for my sweeteners and drink very little pop.  I have one can a day, and not every single day.  I choose pop sweetened with stevia, and it took a bit to learn to like it.

I now drink my coffee black.  It is healthier this way, and now that I am used to it, I like it like this.  Less fuss to prepare it in the morning, and no worries about not wanting to drink it because there is nothing in it.  I sometimes drink green tea.  I sometimes drink oolong tea in one of my THM drinks.  I do not use cola for my main source of caffeine anymore.

I did not tell everyone about being a diabetic for a long time.  I feared the food police.  I learned this term from a diabetes educator.   They are those people who immediately point out what is wrong with everything you eat.  You are the person with diabetes, and everyone else thinks they are the expert.  It is embarrassing to be an adult and have someone tell you that you shouldn’t eat that because you are a diabetic.  Out loud.  In front of a room full of people.  Or to say that isn’t good for you, because it has sugar in it.  People don’t mean any harm, I know it is being said because, on some level, they care about me as a person, and want me to be healthy.  However,  I am an adult, and this type of criticism is not positive, and can have very negative effects on my self-esteem.

I am a lot tougher than I look.  Even if you find me bawling in a quiet place, it is not always because I am sad, it might be because I am SO ANGRY that I sprung a leak.  It is a self-defense mechanism that I have had for most of my life, and I hate it.  It is the quiet, private way to vent.

Other times I would eat my feelings.  I would go buy junk food and regular cola and binge eat.  How dare someone point at what I am eating when they are eating something just as unhealthy, or worse than what I am eating.  They eat whatever they want, well so will I.  The problem with that, other than me gaining weight, is that really I am only hurting myself.  That other person doesn’t even know that they did something wrong.  THEY THINK THEY ARE HELPING ME.  They mean well, but if I am having a sugar low, I might actually NEED that candy I am crunching as fast as I can because my sugars are dropping.  It can happen quite suddenly, and I now have juice boxes and suckers with me all of the time.  I don’t use them unless I need them.

Maybe I have made plans to take extra insulin because I wanted a treat.  I want to be normal, and eat like other people do.  I am not, and that is why I am trying SO HARD to change. I have learned that if I give in a little when I have a craving, I won’t be as likely to binge eat as I would if I suppress it.  So I do have things that are not on the diabetic diet.   I am human.  It is more convenient to grab something quick sometimes.  I am working on that, just like I am working on me.  Most of the time I make healthy choices.  So when you see me eating something that isn’t one of those choices, let me be.  I know the consequences of my actions, and I will recover to my sensibilities when I am ready.

Just like no person is the same as any other person, no person with diabetes is the same as every other person with diabetes, and no person has the exact same issues with weight that every other person has.  That is why it is important for me to write about how I feel, and to share the stories of other people and their issues with weight.  We all are experiencing life as a journey, but we still forge our own paths as individuals.

Coffee Station Complete!


Coffee is Here

I decided to get back in action yesterday in my Kitchen Cleaning Challenge.  Well, it continued today!  I have gotten to all the countertops and cleaned and organized my 3 sections.  FINALLY! I had lost my gumption somewhere after Christmas, and I am getting it back!

I realized that the dishes not being finished before I got started, although it is a logical way to plan the cleaning of one’s kitchen, it was HOLDING ME BACK!  So I dove in and started cleaning and organizing one section of the countertop.  I decided that it was time for me to revamp the countertop organization, and get caught up with the rest of the world.  I needed to redesign and organize a new coffee station!  

I have a Keurig.  I have an electric tea kettle.  I have a tiny little space of countertop.

This is what I did!


Tish’s Coffee Station!

I have continued all the way around the countertops.  The rest of the kitchen progress will be added into my next Weekend Warrior story, but I couldn’t wait to share this! I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel like I have made progress, and that will inspire me to keep going.  Well, that and the coffee! 😉


Weekend Warrior #4


Today started with  Scotch Lick and grab and go.  I had scheduled my morning to help a friend look into setting up her own blog.  I am in no way an expert at blogging, and I don’t claim to be.  But as a few friends helped me get this Blog up and running, I decided to pay it forward.

It was really neat to see someone else put their own creativity into action!  We started with some basic conversation, and she figured things out.  She has some work left to do and is capable enough with her own experience and training to move forward on her own.  I am only a message away if she needs any more help.

I am fighting to stay awake.  Waiting to find out the plans for the evening.  If it is a Game night, I will have to start preparing snacks and get done what I can here in the meantime.  If it ends up being a guys gaming night, I will work on the cleaning challenge.  Either way, I will be busy.  I have the kitchen to clean, a grocery list to make, and general cleaning to do.

I have had 2 cups of coffee with breakfast.  I am having a sugar free vanilla iced coffee now.  I AM STILL TIRED!  So I have cranked the tunes and will make 1 more coffee.  Soon it will be too late to have any more coffee, but if I am busy enough, I can still tire myself out enough to sleep tonight.  I need the help today.  I am a night owl with a day job.  So I tend to be more active in the evenings.  Sometimes a little too late.  I struggle with it, but my health is better with the 9-5 schedule, so I try to go to bed early when I need to.  Sometimes I even make it to bed early.  Not on the weekends, though.  That is the problem I am having right now.  So I am going to make 1 more coffee.  A power snooze might have to happen, though.  When my body wants sleep this desperately, I have to consider if it is necessary or not.  A power nap may just what I need, followed by that one more cup of coffee.  Then I’ll head into the kitchen, and unload that dishwasher, that I ran last night.  I need to focus, and that is a good place to start.

Had the nap.  Never found any energy.  I have spent some time on Linked In today.  It was time for an update, and it is another way to share this Blog.  I am disappointed that I did not get more accomplished around the house today, but the networking has to be worked on also.

My Linked In Profile

Tomorrow is a new day, filled with possibilities.  And a new To Do List!  Enjoy your weekend!

Weekend Warrior #3


I have been a little lacking in the cleaning department in February. I have been planning but not doing.  This weekend will be different, and therefore today’s story will be short.

I added to the mess, last night.  My butt bumped a tray of beads.  So along with my list, I have to play a game with my broom called 5 million pick-up! Ugh.  At least I had the covers on the bead containers I had already finished sorting.  10 million pick-up would have been much worse!

I am going to work on my house this weekend.  In the words of a sport I do not understand enough to actually spend a lot of time watching, I plan to, “Hurry, hurry, hurry hard!” at it today.  I will be Bouncing the House today and tomorrow.

So a brief outline will involve the never ending dishes, prep cooking for the week, and laundry.  I am not good at the putting away part of cleaning.  If I manage to get this all done today, (or most of it) I will then tackle the bathrooms, which really need me to get to them THIS weekend.  I need to get the basic chores out of the way so I can get to the Spring Cleaning.  I need to get this done, it is holding me back from other goals for the year, the biggest one being writing a book.

I value the benefits of an organized house, so I am trying to better my environment with the challenges I have set out for myself.  It will also help me be more efficient in my daily life when all the cleaning is done.

There is so much to do, and my coffee is calling me.  I will report tomorrow.  Maybe I will be able to start sharing progress pics by then.  I plan to get a lot done today!

Weekend Warrior


This picture really made me laugh.  It will be the picture for my new Blogging series, called Weekend Warrior.  I am working on cleaning and organizing my home so that when I am ready to dive into writing my books, I will not have to worry about what is not getting done or what should be getting done.

I just had breakfast.  I like to sleep in on the weekends.  This means if I am motivated and working on my house and chore list, it continues well after dark.  I am a night owl, but find the weekday schedule really helps me to stay on track with my health.  So I am a part of the rat race, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, working woman.  I do have a day job.  The bills need to be paid.  SO on a weekend when there are no plans outside of the house, I sleep in and go a little off schedule.  I enjoy that.  When we get a dog later this year, I hope it likes to sleep in on the weekends too.  I realize that there will be necessary walks and wake ups with a dog to take them outside, but that doesn’t mean a nap won’t follow those little adventures.

I am breaking in my new coffee mug.  It says, “Overthinkin’ and coffee drinkin’ ” it suits my life and my logo.  It is a good size, and I purchased it last weekend on a whim.  I saw it on facebook and had to have it.  It is so “ME!”  I will drink coffee from it while I write.  It holds 16 oz of coffee, and that is a good start for my weekend coffee.


Plans for the weekend are developing, on the social side of things.  Which means I have to make the most of the afternoon as I may be out this evening.  Combining the things I don’t want to do with things I do want to do works out, somewhat.  It can be counterproductive, too, though.  If I am really on a roll, and getting things done on my list, then it is hard to find the motivation to keep going if I have to stop.  Or sometimes I don’t start at all because I know I won’t be able to finish.

Sometimes I get a lot done, and sometimes I overthink the projects and that takes up all of my time.  Music is a huge motivator for me.  If the tunes are cranked, I find it hard to sit still.  I like background music or TV when I am surfing the internet, or working on stationary projects, but to get me up and moving, the tunes have to be cranked.

Weekend Warrior.  That is what I feel like when I am having a productive weekend.  It doesn’t mean I am changing the world, or working on building or renovating anything.  It does mean I am making progress on my lists, getting up and moving around, staying motivated, and having a little fun.  Making the most of my free time, and getting that much closer to the goal of writing my books.  Singing and dancing my way through the weekend is how I put on my game face.  When I am Bouncing the House, I am getting the lists done, and that is exactly what weekends are for.