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My new website is at

Hello everyone. This last post marks a big milestone for me. It will be the last official post here on the Blog. Don’t panic! I have decided to write this post to make sure that if you are reading, that you will not be left behind.

The Blog will continue on the path I started here. You can expect new fonts and a few small changes to the overall look to the Blog. Nothing too drastic, because it has been working for more than a year here, and I don’t want to make the changes that are too foreign as a result of the Blog moving to my website.  That is a huge change.

I have been migrating the Blog from here to the website and I am not finished setting it up yet. I am aware that there are missing pictures and duplicates of some of the posts. I am working on it as much as I can to get it looking its best. If any links look odd or don’t work, I will be going through the Blog section to find any and all irregularities. They will be fixed as soon as I find them. Please be kind, as it is the first time I have done a lot of this. I hope you will follow me on my new website, as you have here on my Blog.

It has a new Home Page, a new theme for the website, and it has a new look. The Bling page is there but empty for the moment. The Boutique is also waiting for my attention. The Books section has my first book cover and a short write-up.

The Bonus section is where my lyrics pages will be. It may hold other things over time, but that is my current intention for it. It will be updated as soon as the blog is all set up.

It has not been an easy task and has had glitches along the way. Thankfully, I have great friends that are knowledgeable enough to answer my questions. Without the support of a few people that have been cheering me on and guiding my progress, this may never have even happened.

Thank you for joining me this far on my adventure. The next chapter awaits, and it is only a click away. See you there!




One thought on “An Invitation

  1. Tish MacWebber says:

    I am not seeing a migration of my WordPress dot com followers to my new website. The views are reflecting this. If you enjoyed my writing here, it has moved, and I am waiting for you at my new website, linked above. I hope to see you all over there soon!

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