Why She Cries

Why She Cries


Copyright ©2016 Tish MacWebber

All rights reserved



Her tears

Building up inside

When they leak out

They let her emotions fly


Her tears

Her only way to release

They come right from her spirit

They’re a part of her you see


Anger hate frustration

Buried in her soul

Bottled up inside until

She lets herself let go

That’s why she cries

That’s why she cries


Her tears

They make her feel better

They don’t mean she is weak

So her cheeks just get wetter


Her tears

She fights them every day

Sometimes she loses that battle

But they help her find her way


All of her emotions

Deep inside her heart

Sometimes she needs to let them out

So when you see her start

That’s why she cries

That’s why she cries

Just let her cry


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