I Had Sass in Zumba Class!

Surprise at Zumba

I survived another Monday and made it to another Zumba Class!  I really enjoyed the music and the workout today.  I am tired, but I earned it.  We made it to 5,000 steps today!

I knew I was feeling like I needed a good workout.  I felt a little lethargic, but I knew I needed to go.  I got ready and found my place in the Zumba Crew.

I went for it!  Since I have this new smartband, I have been keeping an eye on my steps and my heart rate.  My resting heart rate is around 65.  Well, at one point it was really pumping, I felt like it was working hard.  I checked, and it was at 146.  Exercise success!  I increased my heart rate!  I paced myself for a bit with the music and brought it down to 85.

Then the music sped up again.  I was feeling it, but not like earlier.  It was back up to 101.  I worked out hard tonight.  It was a good class.  I managed to calm down without panicking about my heart rate when it was pumping really fast.

We were near the end, and I heard a song I knew the moves for.  So I got into a groove and was told I had some sass in the class tonight.  I was just getting my Zumba on, and I guess others noticed.  It is good to be in the Zumba Zone.  It was a great finish to another Monday.  My heart rate is closer to normal now, back at 75 beats.  So I have recovered from my workout, and now I can relax.

A quick google search gave me the answer to what a good heart rate during exercise is.  220 – your age= the maximum heart rate you should have to still be within a healthy range.  I still have wiggle room with that calculation, and with my weight being quite high, I do not want to max that out. Yet.

A target resting heart rate is 60-100 for the average person, and 40-60 for an athlete.  I guess I have some work to do on that also, but generally, my resting heart rate is near 60, so I am going to keep on believing that I have a strong, healthy heart, and keep on going to Zumba.  I like it, and it is good for me!  I got my heart rate up, and I had fun!  Those are 2 key points to remember when I am dragging my feet and don’t want to make the effort.  I AM WORTH THE EFFORT!  It certainly makes me feel better, and helps move the stress of the day job out of my system!

It’s all good, and when I pace myself, it is OK.  I am comfortable in my Zumba Crew and sometimes I dance to a different beat, but I am still there, and I am still dancing my way to being healthier.  Although I am tired after a really good class like this, I never want to stop!  It is a good tired, the best kind, and I had fun getting there. It is good for my heart and soul.  So I intend to keep going for as long as I can!



18 thoughts on “I Had Sass in Zumba Class!

    • Tish MacWebber says:

      Hi! I love Zumba! I have more than one Zumba story here, so when you have a few minutes, you can check them out too! I have a lot of fun, and try to post different stories about class every so often. Thanks for reading!
      It is not about the choreography, it is all about getting off the couch and dancing and having fun! Try it again! 😀


    • Tish MacWebber says:

      Oh, I am not a newbie to the Zumba Class. i am a newbie to the smartband that another person in class gave me as a surprise gift! I have been going to class for more than 3 years, 2 times a week. I love it! I am still working on my healthier lifestyle, but Zumba helps!


    • Tish MacWebber says:

      I have to be feeling good and energetic to have a great class. That isn’t always the case, but I still go most of the time. I actually didn’t have any Zumba this past week. Monday was a holiday, and Wednesday I just wasn’t recovered enough from my cold to feel like I would be able to breathe properly. I look forward to getting back into classes next week!

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    • Tish MacWebber says:

      There are more Zumba stories written, and others will be written. It is a sidebar topic, not a regularly scheduled one, but I will be writing more Zumba stories. Thanks for reading. Do you go to Zumba or another type of class?


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